Philosophy Café – Happiness as a paradox – Can we be happy all of the time?

This AMAZING event has been rescheduled to the 9th of May 2019.

Are you feeling disconnected in your community? Are you struggling to find a tribe of people who understand you, will include you and lift you up? Would you like to find a place where you can learn more about dealing with some of the tougher bits of life without feeling like you’re in therapy? Well, we have something very special to share with you.

For a one off exclusive evening, Emily Chadbourne will be coming to town! She is coming to host an evening for people just like you who are looking to be uplifted, inspired, connected and left with some tangible tools to better manage life.

Now you might be thinking you can’t afford the ticket…

But before you dismiss the idea ask yourself this…how much would you pay to feel happy? What would you give up for one week a bottle of wine, Friday night pizza, so that you could make new friends? Can that Netflix show wait for one night?

This evening is designed especially for the community to come together to laugh (Emily is very funny), network and enjoy an evening doing something different so you can feel something different…And we can’t wait to meet you at the Hub!

Bookings available via the link below at the VERY discounted rate of $25, which includes a two course meal and a non-alcoholic drink.

NOTE: Unless booking with a group, individuals and couples will be seated on tables of at least four to encourage connections and conversations. We look forward to having you at the Hub!