Seawinds Early Learning Centre Philosophy

The Seawinds Early Learning Centre is committed to provide high quality education and care for all children in their early years.  The educational program is a rich play based program, incorporating the VEYLDF and the Abecedarian Approach.   Children learn as they discover, investigate, solve problems, create, improvise and imagine through both open ended play experiences and intentionally planned activities.  Children are encouraged to socially engage with others and form healthy social interactions and groups.  They are guided to negotiate, collaborate and to use effective communication skills to express their needs, wants and ideas.

Seawinds Early Learning Centre teachers and educators develop and provide programs which enhance learning and development.  Programs are planned around individual and group needs incorporating children’s interests, levels of development and abilities. The programs have a strong language based focus that encourages vocabulary development and literacy skills.  This is supported by using the Abecedarian principle of Language Priority.  By incorporating learning games and conversational reading, educators support children to explore language.  This is facilitated through reading and play in a manner that is deliberate and precise.  Using the enriched caregiving approach, educators enhance everyday interactions turning them into meaningful learning experiences.  The program utilizes both indoors and outdoors environments.

Children are observed on a regular basis, and staff reflect upon these observations, in collaboration with families and children, when developing future programs.  The children are given the opportunity to explore a variety of activities and time to revisit experiences many times to refine their skills.  The sense of mastery that comes from this promotes the development of positive self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.  Programs are designed to support each child in reaching their full potential.  The learning environment is designed to facilitate engaging play and exploration where children can play, explore, scaffold, experiment, investigate and problem solve.  All children are respected and valued as unique individuals.

Children and families are encouraged to be active participants in learning. Teachers and educators respect that parents are their child’s first educator.  Teacher and educators acknowledge the diversity of family values and individuality in parenting styles.  Children and families confidentiality is maintained at all times by all educators.  Parents and families are always welcome to participate throughout the daily program.

A strong emphasis is placed on community.  Volunteers are valued members of the team, supporting teachers, educators and children within the learning environment.   A learning community is fostered by encouraging the sharing of ideas and knowledge in a safe and supportive environment.  Children are encouraged to develop their own civic identity through engagement with the broader community including strong ties with Eastbourne Primary School.